Park Model Homes of Texas is located in central Texas. We are an internet -based business serving the entire State of Texas and adjoining States. We do not carry large amounts of inventory; therefore we do not push our clients to buy on the spot, or sell something that may not be right for our clients. In addition, because of our low overhead, we are able to pass the savings to our clients. We list our prices right on the website, to make it easy for you to find the perfect park model in your price range with the square footage and features you want.


What are Park Model Homes?

Park Model Homes are recreation vehicles primarily designed and intended to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping, or seasonal use. They are built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels with a gross living area not exceeding 400 square feet excluding porches. Each Park Model Home is certified by its manufacturer as complying with ANSI A119.5. These standards govern electrical, plumbing and structural work and almost every facet of the completed unit.

Until recently, Park Model Homes were a product known only to America’s RV owners, as they were generally seen only in RV parks and resorts. Now, the secret is “out”, and others, not previously associated with RV lifestyle, are discovering this exciting concept in vacation and seasonal lodging. Park model homes can be ideal for those who are interested in seasonal, or are looking for a vacation spot to use several times a year. Perhaps you want a Mother in-Law home built on your property to give a relative more privacy and a cozy place to stay, or as a small office where you can get away and work quietly.

If you are looking for a hunting cabin, vacation cabin, sales office, guest home, employee housing, or income producing property such as seasonal or full time rental or Bed and Breakfast, Park Model homes are the perfect fit

We, Park Model Homes of Texas, are proud to offer you one of, if not the best, line of park model homes in the nation.

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